Mother’s Day is almost here, and I’ve got a great idea that all mothers will love. Host a spa day at at your house for mom!


My mother passed away two years ago at almost 100. I think about her everyday. Being raised by her inspired me to be in the spa business. Good grooming for her was important, and I watched how she put herself together everyday, even to go to the market. When my mother got older and it was hard for her to get around, I would do a spa day for her at home. We laughed, we shared stories about struggles, and triumphs, and motherhood. At the end of our spa days she said she felt more loved, connected, and appreciated the time we spent together.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to pamper mom, or anyone who is a mother figure to you. I promise you, it will create a beautiful memory.

Here are a few tips:


You want to set the mood, create a relaxing environment with the right music. Nature and instrumental music is soothing. Acoustic guitar and piano is more upbeat and also great. Organic candles and essential oils calm and automatically creates a soothing space for relaxation. Both of you should put on your favorite pjs…you can give yourself a facial, too!

Veronica Malibu Candle


Have your prettiest towels, cotton rounds, swabs, cleanser and skincare products beautifully displayed with a small vase of flowers. Set everything on a small table next to a lounging chair or her bed.


If you have a steamer, bring it out. If not, you can make your own warm towels by placing them in a slow cooker. Have your favorite scrub, cleanser moisturizer and mask. The Malibu Facial In A Bag has everythng you need for a home spa facial. It includes the Mint Wash, Micro Dermabrasion Treatment, Mint & Carrot Masque, Azulene Cream, spatula, towelette and direction card.

Malibu Facial in a Bag

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the mothers in our lives, the one who gave birth to us, the one who adopted, the one we choose to be our mother (or who took us in because ours was not available to us), a grandmother, an aunt, friend or foster mother. I love taking the time to pause, reflect and celebrate the most important job there is.- motherhood. My children have taught me more than I have taught them. They have taught me a depth of love and understanding I never imagined possible. Now my adult children have children of their own, and my granddaughter Kendall is a mother!

I celebrate Mother’s everyday, it’s the most important job there is.

My mother Renee and my daughter Lisa on her 99th birthday.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With love,

“A Mother’s Hug Lasts Long After She Lets Go”