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“The real attraction is not the stunning beach view, but the treatments at the Veronica Skin & Body Care Center.”

– InStyle Magazine

“One of the entertainment industry’s favorite glamour haunts. A secret place stars swear by for beauty maintenance and enhancement.”

– Cosmopolitan Magazine

“One of the best facialists in the country.”

– Allure Magazine

“One of Los Angeles’ best skin care salons and specialists.”

– Los Angeles Magazine

“Where to go when you’re in Malibu, California.”

– The New York Times

“I always feel so nurtured by Veronica and she always has the newest, most innovative skin care presented with great knowledge and experience. ”

– Olivia Newton John

Veronica Barton Schwartz
with Mario Lopez

“The products that I've gotten from Veronica have even wowed my dermatologist... She always has the latest and greatest.”

– Téa Leoni

“All the people at Veronica’s treat me with such love and care it’s embarrassing. Actually, I found out that they do that to everyone, I’m furious. After breathing and a little distance, I realize that this is the way that life should be. Thank you for all your great work! ”

– Jeremy Piven

“I love the Veronica Antioxidant Cream and Seaweed Peptide Serum and use these products on all of my clients. I swear by them.”

– Maria Maio
Celebrity makeup artist whose clients include Mariah Carey and Kelly Ripa.

“The Veronica Malibu line of products feel great on the skin and have excellent clinical efficacy. The products contain the best ingredients on the market today, without fluff or pseudo-science. The products work and I personally use them on a daily basis.”

– Alexander Rivkin M.D.

“Veronica is THE eyebrow master! She has an innate understanding of each individual face and the shape that is right for them. I only let Veronica shape my brows.”

– Suzanne Somers